Private lessons at The Studio Violin are held once a week and are individually tailored to each student’s needs, goals and musical learning. All lessons at the studio are designed using the Suzuki Violin School methodology. As violinists grow as musicians, other repertoire such as etudes, position studies and technique studios are added to supplement their knowledge.

Group classes are held every other week with groups comprised of similar age and repertoire known players. This is an enjoyable time for students to play as a group, get to know each other while building friendships and having fun. Group class attendance is required for all students in private lessons.

The following lesson options are based on time spent in the studio each week, and are guides for what to expect at each lesson. If you are not sure about what lesson duration is right for you, please feel free to contact me.

30 Minutes
$45lessona perfect starting point pre-twinkle to book 1
  • Beginning Lesson Period
  • Perfect for the Younger Student
  • Through Book 1b/2a
  • 20 to 30 Minutes of Practice Daily
$60lessondeeper study of technique and pieces book 2 +
  • More Experienced Students if you have;
  • Etudes & Scales
  • Note Reading
  • 30 to 45 Minutes of Practice Daily

We’ve been really fortunate to have had Ms. Chloe introduce our daughter to the art of Violin and make it such a beautiful part of our life’s. Ms. Chloe delivers very high caliber violin lessons and is blessed with very unique skills to nurture the passion in kids. She is meticulous and constantly keeps herself trained with the Suzuki methods. Her ability and efforts to instill patience, and the importance of continuous practice, is commendable.  We truly admire the way Ms. Chloe has inspired our daughter’s interest in playing the violin, and respect for violinists

– The Menon Family-

Lesson Notes

Each student is provided with their own personalized lesson notebook through MyMusicStaff. This notebook is updated with a new note after each lesson, to be used as a tool during all home practice sessions and to review previous assignments. This notebook is my tool to share new assignments, practice tips, and more. Both parent and students can log in to use the notes daily.

Parents are also encouraged to bring a recording device to lessons, as I provide each student with a take home practice video further recapping assignments.

Things to Bring

Students should come prepared to each lesson with their instrument and bow both in acceptable playing condition, rosin, shoulder rest, instrument cleaning cloth, foot chart (if applicable), Suzuki books and all other books or music currently being studied.  If you need help selecting an instrument or finding any additional accessories let me know- I am happy to help. Or take a look at the Resources page for great places to purchase all your supplies.

Parents should come prepared to each lesson with a notebook, writing utensil, Smartphone with recording capabilities and a smile, ready to support your growing violinist.   

Listen to Your Pieces

Learning to play the violin is as much a physical process as it is an auditory one. Early on, Dr. Suzuki observed that all young children in Japan, learn to speak Japanese with ease. How? By listening and imitating their parents and teachers. This has carried through as one of the pillars of The Suzuki Method. Listening to the pieces you are currently playing as well as upcoming pieces is part of daily practice and is just as important as picking up your instrument. Listen to your recordings in the car on the way to school, as you are eating an after school snack before practicing and sometimes before bed. They will get stuck in your head, and that is a good thing! This will make learning new pieces easier.

Practice to Make Playing Easier

As Edmund Sprunger, a renowned Suzuki teacher trainer and author of several wonderful books (Building Violin Skills and Helping Parents Practice) says, practice is to make things easier. Practice is the time we work hard on the little things, so they become easier every day. This applies to things as small as holding your violin correctly, or even just making time to practice every day!

Studio Recitals

Every year The Studio Violin hosts at least two full recitals and many mini recitals each year, to showcase all of our wonderful violinists and their hard work. Recitals are the perfect time to visit with other violining friends, and prepare pieces to their very best. Recital attendance is an essential part of growing as a musician. See the Events & Performances page for info on our next recital.

Group Class

Playing in a group is a large part of the Suzuki method’s magic. Dr. Suzuki believed that beginning ensemble playing from an early age not only made for better musicians, but also better people who know how to respectfully interact with others and exist in a group.  With a common repertoire this becomes possible and our group classes are time to play music with friends, explore the music deeper and have fun with musical games. Group classes are in addition to individual lessons and are held every other week. Please visit the Events & Performances page for more info on our next group class. Students from other Suzuki studios are welcome to attend with RSVP.
Edmund Sprunger

"Practice Practicing. Why? To make it easier. "