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The Studio Violin is located in Lafayette, CA in the East Bay area. The studio is comprised of 50+ violin obsessed

(really, we LOVE the violin) families of various backgrounds and musical experience. Together have weekly private and group lessons and we enjoy many studio events such as Play Ins, Pot Lucks, Parent Nights, and more! Our studio is a close knit group of  families all speaking the common language of music and on the remarkable journey of learning to play together. 

Our studio is active in the local Suzuki Association of Northern California chapter and we attend regional events every year with students from other studios. Studio violinists can often be found attending summer Suzuki Institutes throughout the country, and at our studio workshop in the spring season- with guest teachers, fun enrichment classes and more!






Private Lessons at the studio violin are the where the core of our time is spent together. We meet once per week at your assigned lesson time, and all beginning students enter at 30 minute lessons. 

30 Minute Lesson

45 Minute Lesson

60 Minute Lesson

75 Minute Lesson

A foundational pillar of the Suzuki Method is group class. This is where the magic truly happens. Where young violinists learn to play together, to hear each other's voices through their violins, and to grow as a team. Group classes are held twice monthly and are split into age/playing levels. Group classes are part of our program and attendance is required of all studio violinists. 

  • All group classes are held on Saturday afternoons

  • Studio Violinists are required to attend at least their
    2 assigned group classes monthly

  • Pre-Twinkle group classes may be split between age ranges if applicable

  • Studio Violinists at the Book 5+ level are assigned to the Young Artist Program group class which meets 2 times monthly

The Studio Violin hosts formal recitals every year at The Lafayette Library and Learning Center Recital Hall. We also have smaller informal concert events throughout the year such as studio recitals, group concerts, book graduation recitals, young artist solo recitals and more! 

Concerts are always free to the public and we welcome grandmas, aunts, distant relatives ect! Please leave the dog at home, but everyone else get your clapping hands ready to cheer on our studio vioinists! 

The studio follows strict guidelines from the CDC and Contra Costa County  Public Health. Masks are worn by all parties until it is safe to do so. The studio offers HVAC and keeps the air in circulation. Hands are sanitized by all parties before and after lessons, while surfaces are cleaned including any instruments needed for instruction. Studio restroom will be closed during the pandemic with the exception of emergencies. Please use the restroom before coming to your lesson.


Lessons may be moved outdoors or to expert online instruction if any party is unwell or has tested positive for COVID-19.

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