policies & procedures 

2021-2022 academic year. CLICK FOR FULL PDF VERSION 


Private lessons at The Studio Violin are held weekly Monday-Thursday and Group Classes are held weekly on Saturdays. Monthly tuition includes 4 private lessons and 3-4 group classes each month, 2 formal recitals every year, in house studio recitals, enrichment classes and more.

All studio events are required to hold your place in the program.

Thirty minute lesson: $250/month

Forty-Five minute lesson: $310/month   

One hour lesson: $370/month

*Tuition will increase annually  * Should your lesson day have 5 lessons in a month, please add the extra lesson to your tuition.


Monthly tuition is due in full by the first of each month. Currently accepted forms of payment are cash, check or PayPal or Zelle (please discuss with teacher first). If monthly tuition is received after the first day of each month, there will be a $20 late payment fee added to your tuition. There will be no refunds given. Check payments should be made out to Chloe Ross.


Any other studio functions including additional recitals, outreach events, field trips, accompanist fees, or SMAC/SAC events, along with any materials purchased from The Studio Violin are to be paid for separately.

Cancelation, Makeup Policy & Online Expectations

24 hour notice is required for all cancellations. If a scheduled lesson is canceled with proper notice, a makeup lesson will be scheduled as the teacher’s schedule allows.

If a lesson is canceled without proper notice (less than 24 hours) there will be no refund for the missed lesson. A makeup lesson may be scheduled as the teacher’s schedule for an additional fee. This also applies to no-shows and excessive late arrival (10 minutes or more) to a scheduled lesson without notice. If I must cancel a lesson for any reason, a makeup lesson will be scheduled as soon as possible at no additional cost to you.


If you are running late or expect to be late, you are required to notify the teacher.  If no notification is received and you arrive 10 or more minutes late to your scheduled lesson time, the lesson is forfeit and no refund will be given.  A makeup may be scheduled at the teacher’s convenience at an additional charge.

The same as stated above applies to all online education. If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson please let the teacher know ASAP. If you are running late to your online lesson, please let the teacher know.


If you are having Zoom connectivity concerns where sound quality or picture is intermittent, please alert the teacher and a reschedule will be allowed. Please set up your Zoom account with your child’s name and all recommended audio settings. The teacher holds the right to reschedule lessons for any internet connectivity concerns both on the teacher or student side.


30 days notice is required to terminate lessons and no refunds will be given. I hold the right to terminate lessons prior to 30 days or before pre-paid lessons have been taken. No prorated tuition will be offered for early termination.


Instrument and Materials

Students are expected to bring an appropriate instrument and bow from a studio recommended violin shop along with all other materials to each lesson. Violin and Bow must be set up and inspected by teacher before beginning lessons. Finger nails must be trimmed short enough to properly play.


Lesson Notes

Parents are to take notes and practice videos during lessons. Please bring a suitable smartphone to lessons for recording. These videos are to be watched daily as part of your practice. If child is practicing alone, please set him/her up with necessary tools to take notes and videos in lessons or provide access to them at home. Lesson notes will also be supplied by the teacher through Tonara Practice App, along with assignment videos and follow up. Lessons will also be recorded and stored on our private Vimeo- available to you at any time.


Practice and Listening

Daily practice and listening is required of all students. Progress is made by practice both inside and outside the studio and lessons are not designed to be your only playing time each week.



Performance opportunities are scheduled throughout the year as a chance to share your hard work with family and friends, as well as to hear your studio mates play. As performing is a vital part of a violinist’s education, recital/rehearsal attendance & involvement is required for major studio recitals.  Smaller informal performance opportunities, play ins and SMAC events may be offered and are optional.  


Contacting the Studio & Media
Mrs. Chloe at The Studio Violin can be reached by email, text or Tonara chat during teaching hours. I will not answer my phone during lessons. By agreeing to these policies, you also agree to allow photos and videos taken by The Studio Violin to be shared on studio pages/website and in marketing materials. Names only used if approved.


By signing below, we acknowledge current studio policy and agree to everything listed above. If any questions arise, all parties will communicate with one another in order to resolve any problems and work hard to become polished violinists. Parent acknowledges all required events and will not schedule other activities to conflict with studio happenings. Teacher acknowledges commitment both student and parent is giving to the studio- Thank You! 


I look forward to working with you and teaching you how wonderful being a violinist can be! 



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